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About BSides Manchester

In 2014 BSides Manchester was born.  It was the result of three Security Professionals based out of Manchester deciding that the UK needed more than just a single BSides event each year.  After all the UK is one of the biggest Security Communities in the world and this should be celebrated and promoted.


BSidesMCR 2014 was a great success and we would like to thank all those who presented, sponsored and volunteered to make the event such as success.


The team behind BSides Manchester is a mixture of people drawn from a number of disciplines (not just security) but we are always looking for new people to help us organise the event. If you have spare time during your week to help organise a 400 delegate event then please email; we would love to have you on-board.


BSidesMCR has secured CIC status and has a board of 3 directors. We are looking for other people to join the board and help build on this year event for the future. 


The men mad enough to put on this conference are:


Mark Turner - @manc_marko

Lloyd Brough - @PresumingOnion

Matt Summers - @dive_monkey


If you want to know more, you know what to do ;)


BSides Manchester 2015 Logo

The BSides Manchester 2015 logo was the combine creative efforts of two BSides Manchester CIC Directors (Mark & Lloyd) and about the 15th attempt at a logo….

It appropriately makes use of a font called "HACKED_Title", which is free and created by David Libeau.  So credit to David Libeau and if you want to know more or use the font then please visit:


Some version of the logo feature a Bee, and whilst may people think this a weak pun on the word BSides, it actually represents a symbol of Manchester.  The Manchester Worker Bee can be found all over the city, included in the city's coat of arms, many of the city’s exports (think Boddington Beers, etc) and denotes Mancunians' hard work.  More info here and on Wikipedia


If anyone cares the BSides Manchester orange is R231, G120, B23


BSides Manchester 2016 Logo

We are looking for a BSides 2016 logo.

So if you have an ounce of creative talent send us your BSides 2016 logo ideas to


You never know you could see your logo all over the web, infosec community and on t-shirts and stickers for years to come....







































































































































































































































































































































































































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