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Party Time :)


We hope you find BSides Manchester 2016 a great conference, and when it's over we want it to continue...

So we've reserved a pub over the road for the delegates, sponsors, and speakers to continue to talk tech and enjoy a drink.

Bring your BSides Manchester Conference Pass to gain entry...

But we need your help...

We currently have no party sponsor but there will be some money behind the bar for us all to enjoy a drink or two.  As BSides Manchester CIC we have decided to tighten our belts in a few areas and saved some pennies to get the tab rolling...  We are hoping that we'll be able to kick things off with a couple of grand, but if we can persuade others (companies, organisation, individuals) to donate some funds (£250, £500, £1000, £2000, upwards, or what ever is afordable) we can keep the bar tab open longer, before it reverts to a usual cash bar.

So please go to your companies, your bosses, your bank manager, and ask them to donate to the BSides Manchester after party.  If they do, they will get a mention on here, along with company logo.  We'll also big them up during the conference.  Donation amount can be proudly displayed or kept anonymous.

To make a donation towards the After Party please email us on


After the tab has run out it will be a pay bar :( But the bar is in the University area so we are hoping for resonable drink prices :)






Hopefully a couple of £k to get things going...

Donations kindly received from...

Thanks PRPR for the contribution :)

Donation from

Dresner Associates

The Footage

Grosvenor Street


M1 7DZ


Just 3 mins walk from the MMU Busines School - straight across All Saints Park

Bring your BSides Manchester Conference Pass to gain entry...

Words from their own website...

THE Greatest Bar in Manchester! 

We're sat right at the heart of Oxford Road, and just a stones throw from the city centre.

We boast two of Manchester's BIGGEST screens and a balcony to see them from in our unique cinematic setting.

We also like to think we have a little something for everyone; whether you're sport watching, net surfing, craft loving, food nomming, cocktail drinking, pint sinking or just looking for some friendly chilling. WE HAVE IT ALL!

Our glass is currently half full :(

The Party Venue

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