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Challenges, Competitions, and Prizes


Here are details of some challenges you will see at BSides Manchester 2018







SNASM is a web based game over WiFi where players create warrior in a bespoke assembly language similar to Intel flavored x86. The game is a "competitive" tron or worm based game where the winner is the player with the worm that claims the most tiles. A more complete description of the game, rules and SNASM language can be found in the documentation.


A tournament will be held at 3pm and the top two winning worm creators will receive a prize:


First place: Amazon Echo Spot (Black)

Second place: Amazon Fire Stick (Black)


To help get people started, please visit the Nettitude stand or watch out for tweets from @Nettitude_Labs


Nettitude LR Logo.jpg

Can you get to Arcturus?
Your ship has come under alien attack and has crash landed in enemy territory; your only hope to survive is to rebuild your ship and make it home to Arcturus.


How to play:
Your ships components have been flung far and wide across this venue and have taken shape in the form of QR codes. Find as many as you can to get your ship back up and running.

  • Scan your first code to register your game account and start building your ship.

  • Each QR code is different, the more you scan the more components you'll collect.

  • Each component equals an entry into the prize draw, the more components you have the more chance you have of winning some swag.

Prize winners will be announced on Twitter at the end of the day. Don't forget to follow us @ArcturusSec.



  • LEGONASA Apollo Saturn V

  • Star Wars Drone (T-65 X-Wing Fighter)

  • Star Wars Drone (Tie Advanced X1)

  • Star Wars Drone (74-Z Speeder Bike)


More details:


It’s ‘Throwback Thursday’ at Avecto’s stand with an arcade gaming challenge running throughout the day! Head on over to our stand to get involved in the retro gaming fun. Our arcade game will be open all day, the top scorer will be announced a 16:45pm and will be the worthy winner of a Nespresso Essenza Coffee Machine by Magimix!


Come and revive your Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Space Invader skills!


To get involved in the fun follow @ Avecto and watch for tweets #BSidesMCR2018 #TBT 😊


Conquer the honeycomb by completing a range of problem solving and technical challenges – gather clues along the way and try not to fall into the honeypot!


Drop by the NCC Group stand to take part in this year’s bee themed challenges. There are a total of six challenges to complete with the chance to win a drone.


Take some of the challenges away with you so that you can still attend the talks throughout the day. Solving these challenges will reveal a clue for the next technical challenge, so pop back when you can!

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