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This year we are offering two ticket types.


Advance Tickets.  These tickets will cost a small fee of £15.  These are going to be released first in June and are a great way to guarantee yourself a ticket and show your support for BSides Manchester.  They are also an attempt to minimise the drop-outs and no-shows which make planning for community conferences like BSides Manchester challenging.


Free Tickets.  These tickets will be released in July and are FREE.  The Conference is not free to organise or put on, so please don't take tickets if you can't attend and if in the future your plans change and you can't attend please release/return the ticket via Eventbrite to allow someone else to attend.


Tickets will be released in stages:

  • 1st batch of Advance Tickets will be released on Saturday 9th June at 17:00

  • 2nd batch of FREE Tickets will be released on Sunday 1st July at 11:00

  • There is also a Eventbrite waiting list, but that is for getting a returned ticket.  If you are on the waiting list it would still be sensible to try and get a ticket from the above batched releases.

Tickets will be available via Eventbrite.  If you don't have an account please register for one.​

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