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BSides Manchester 2019 Tickers are FREE but the Conference is not free to organise or put on, so please don't take tickets if you can't attend and if in the future your plans change and you can't attend please release/return the ticket via Eventbrite to allow someone else to attend.


Tickets will be released in stages:

  • 1st batch of FREE Tickets will be released on Sunday 16th June at 20:00

  • 2nd batch of FREE Tickets will be released on Saturday 13th July at 12:00

  • Once all tickets have been released there will be an Eventbrite waiting list for returned tickets and any additional tickets we can release nearer the event (once we know the number of speakers, sponsors, and volunteers.

Tickets will be available via Eventbrite.  If you don't have an account please register for one.​

For the latest news follow us on Twitter @BSidesMCR and Facebook, and join the discussion on our LinkedIn Group.

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